Private School

Great Strides School Mission Statement:
We believe that all children have the right to an effective education. This means that the education rests on a foundation of solid research, and is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing and systematic basis (retained from Association for Behavior Analysis, 1989)

Who can benefit from Great Strides School?
Our school is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and is designed specifically for children with developmental disabilities. Students are taught on a 1:1 or 2:1 teacher to student ratio and programs are specifically designed for individual students.

What does the typical school day look like?
A typical day at Great Strides is ever changing! Since our school utilizes such low ratios and tailored approaches to education, each child’s school day is different. Generally speaking each child will participate in both individual and small group instruction. However, the amount of time spent in either form of instruction depends upon the individual child needs. Additionally, the length of the school day varies depending on age, grade, program needs, and financial considerations.

How much is the Tuition at Great Strides?
Tuition varies based on the length of the school day, and program needs. Please call us to find out more information about what tuition would be for your student. Additional funding sources are available through the Florida John McKay Scholarship program.

How do I enroll my child in Great Strides?
The enrollment process begins with a school tour and meeting with the Director. Please contact Candy Hurst M.Ed., BCBA to schedule your tour and meeting. During the meeting, it will be determined if Great Strides is an appropriate placement for your child. The Director will provide you with an intake packet and some additional information about the school. Once we receive your completed intake packet a representative from Great Strides will contact you and let you know if your child is enrolled or on the waiting list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages does your school accept?
We do not have specific age limits, however we typically provide services to children ages 3-18.

Is your school just for children with Autism?
Certainly not! We offer services to a variety of students with varying disabilities. If your child would benefit from a low ratio and personalized instruction, than Great Strides might be the place for you!

Do you provide transportation to and from your location?Unfortunately we do not provide regular transportation; however, we do provide transportation to and from field trips from the school and also on scheduled community outings.