Children's Psychological Services

Evaluation of learning problems for appropriate educational programming, including:

  • Problems with inattention and poor concentration;
  • Problems with academic achievement and academic growth;
  • Classroom behavior problems;
  • Anxiety and fears related to school attendance;
  • Problems related to poor motivation;
  • Evaluations for qualification for special educational programming and special assistance.

Evaluation of intellectual ability for “Gifted” placement and/or advanced educational programming.

Evaluation and treatment of disciplinary and behavioral problems within the home setting.

Evaluation and treatment of anxiety and fears within the home and community setting.

Evaluation and treatment of children experiencing loses such as death and divorce.

Evaluation of childrens’ disabilities for Social Security assistance and medical-service program eligibility

Adult Psychological Services

Marital counseling for marital conflict, loss of marital intimacy, marital-stage stresses, and poor marital communication.

Individual counseling related to:

  • Depression;
  • Anxiety and fears;
  • Anger management difficulties
  • Communication difficulties;
  • Mood instability;
  • Behavioral-control difficulties;
  • Self esteem problems.

Evaluation of adult disabilities for Social Security assistance.

Evaluation of college students experiencing learning problems and who may qualify for waiver of courses, or other special learning accommodations.