Making Great Strides for Your Child’s Success

Recognizing each family and patient are unique, it is Great Strides’ mission to enhance quality of life through exceptional therapy services in varying areas and locations geared specifically to your child’s needs. Our dedicated interdisciplinary team of more than 65 compassionate and tenured therapists work together to provide comprehensive and coordinated care for children with special needs at Great Strides’ premier pediatric rehabilitation center and the McKay scholarship-approved private school.

In addition to our main clinic and school, located at the Jacksonville Pediatric Enrichment Center in Mandarin, Great Strides provides quality services in numerous locations around Northeast Florida, including public and private schools and at medically fragile day care centers—known as Physician Prescribed Extended Care or PPECs.

PPECs are medical day care centers dedicated to the excellent care of medically fragile infants and children. PPECs are specifically designed to optimize the development of each child’s independence, while helping them reach their full potential. Daily care is provided by trained nurses centers involves clinical interventions, therapy services and educational activities as well as transportation if needed.

There are three PPEC locations where Great Strides provides expert therapeutic care–CSI-Arlington, CSI-Cassat, and Fletchers Tendercare. Each PPEC has a dedicated Great Strides managing therapist as well as nurses, nurses aids and physical, occupational and speech therapists that work as a team to provide the most effective course of intervention for your child. We also utilize the most   technologically advanced equipment that enrich the therapeutic environment by providing
more opportunity for learning growth learning growth and skill advancement for your child.

An example of a recently purchased advancement to aid in the progress of a child with disabilities is also a wonderful success story.