Vocational Training

New Company Partnerships Assist in Student Skills

By Christina Swanson

A vocational training program for older Great Stride students is currently being developed with several fine students currently taking part. Actually started last summer during summer camp with our older clients, Great Strides was looking to review clients’ skills, abilities, and interests during performing three types of jobs and their requirements which included:

  •    Car washing,
  •    Baking
  •   Maintenance at Westminster.

The summer program helped guide the outline for our current vocational program as we flesh-out the details. Coordinated by Lauren Cricchio B.S., RBT, GS Associate Lead Therapist, she explains the purpose of the program,

“The program is not just to teach a certain job skill until proficiency has been met but also focuses on a comprehensive package for each individual on what skills are needed to be successful in a community job – self help, social skills, self advocacy, safety and time management.” After those stages have been taught and met the student will work on specific job areas that interest each individual. A win-win for student and partnering companies.

Great Strides appreciates Westminster Woods on Julington Creek, and Mama Fu’s on San Jose having graciously allowed Great Strides to work with them on potential future employment and great on-the-job training for our students.

We are always looking for new opportunities to provide our clients with many different employment choices throughout the community. If a company is interested in partnering with us, they should call the main office at 886-3228.