We pride ourselves on being able to provide individual instruction in small group setting so that we may best meet the needs of our students. Due to our commitment to maintaining small classroom sizes, out school is only able to accept a limited number of new students each year. In order to be considered for enrollment, please contact the Educational Coordinator to schedule a tour of our facility and to discuss the educational and therapeutic needs of your child.

Individualized Programs

Upon enrollment in Great Strides School, your child will be assessed using one of a variety of available developmental and academic assessments chosen by a BCBA. Your child’s Student Specialized Learning Plan will then be developed using the results of these assessments as well as information obtained through parent interviews and staff observations.

Our Philosophy

Great Strides School is a division of Great Strides Rehabilitation. We are a private school providing individualized education using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in an educational setting. We believe in establishing an environment that allows learning opportunities throughout every aspect of a child’s school day. We also believe that all children have the right to an effective education that rests on a foundation of solid research and is monitored and evaluated on an ongoing and systematic basis (retained from Association for Behavior Analysis, 1989).

A Typical Day

Our school maintains small classroom sizes with low student to teacher ratios which may range from 3:1 to 5:1 instruction. In addition, many of our children benefit from one on one support within the classroom from behavior therapists to help each child actively participate throughout the day. Classrooms are assigned based on age, ability level, and goals being addressed. The school day is a combination of functional academics, group learning and individualized instruction. We utilize various types of curriculum selected by our certified teachers to be appropriate for specific learning groups. We have monthly field trips, regular community outings. and holiday-themed events.